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What's the HS Code of heat pump?

What's the HS Code of heat pump?

Update Time:2021/8/9
The full name of HS Code is International Convention for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. Simply, it is Harmonized System and we usually call it HS Code for short.

Heat pump HS Code is usually required for importing or exporting in the internaltional business. The import & export process can not go smoothly  if we  don't provide HS Code or we give the wrong code. What's the function of the HS Code and what HS Code do we usually use for our heat pumps ? The HS code is mainly used for the commodity supervision, commodity Inspection and relevant taxes collection  by the customs office.

The heat pump HS code we usually use is 8418612090, and for heat pump spare parts, it is 8418991000. Those codes apply to both air source heat pump and ground source heat pump.

Heat pump HS Code: 8418612090

Heat pump spare parts HS Code :8418991000

There are also other HS code for heat pump based on the other features or standards of the heat pump, but the above codes are used the most for our heat pumps, able to help us go through the customs clearance smoothly.

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