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DC Inverter Heat Pumps

DC Inverter Heat Pumps

Adobting DC inverter technology, frequency changes with temperature, so the DC inverter heat pump is more power saving, lower noise and more comfortable.It is widely used in hotels, apartments, schools, villas, shopping centers, factories, hospitals, etc.

Suoher is one of the earliest heat pump manufacturers who research and develop the DC inverter heat pumps, and has expanded the models of inverter heat pumps from 5kw, 7kw, 9kw, 12kw, 15kw to 20kw, 25kw, 35kw and 50kw, so there is more options for the different market demand. 

Here you can find high quality DC inverter heat pump equipment at a competitive price. We also provide OEM service for your own heat pump brand.

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