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What are the advantages of the EVI heat pump?

What are the advantages of the EVI heat pump?

Update Time:2021/8/9
Low temperature air source EVI heat pump is widely used in the cold region of Europe. It adopts EVI compressor, of which the heating efficiency is 50%~80% higher than the conventional air source heat pump at low temperature. When the ambient temperature drops significantly, the attenuation of the heat power is very small, this guarantees the heating effect of the heat pump. The EVI heat pump is commonly used for room heating  and domestic hot water in EU market due to the advantages as below.

1) Working temperature down to -25℃

With EVI technology, the EVI heat pump can work at -25℃ the minimum , so it is suitable for the cold region with low temperature in winter. It can normally work at -15℃ and the heating energy efficiency ratio is >2.0.

2) Water outlet temperature up to 65℃

The water outlet temperature of the EVI heat pump is up to 65℃, very suitable for traditional radiator heating which required high water temperature.

3) Energy saving and environment friendly

As any of other types of heat pumps, EVI heat pump is a low-carbon energy saving product. It does not produce any exhaust gas, waste water and waste residue emissions. The operation cost of the EVI heat pump is only 1/4 of the electric water heater, 1/3 of the oil and gas water heater, and 1/2 of the solar water heater, therefore installing EVI heat pump is an effective way to reduce our electric bill.

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