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4 Precautions for Using Air Source Heat Pump

4 Precautions for Using Air Source Heat Pump

Aug 17,2021
a specific introduction to the installation method and precautions of the swimming pool heat pump

Air source heat pumps are a kind of heating and cooling equipment with good energy-saving performance, but if we do not pay attention to the following items during use, the heat pump will not achieve the expected energy-saving effect, and may also lead to equipment loss.

Choose a suitable capacity water tank

The 150L air source heat pump water tank is equipped with a 1P host, which is suitable for 3-4 individuals. The 200L air source heat pump water tank is equipped with a 1.5P host, suitable for 4-5 personal use. Therefore, when consumers buy air source heat pumps, they must choose the appropriate number of horses according to the number of household water users, otherwise, it will cause unnecessary power consumption and make air source heat pump heating costs high.

Don't frequently start the air source heat pump, host

In the daily air source heat pump heating, some users choose to turn off the air source heat pump after taking a shower in order to save electricity and then restart it before the next use. In fact, this is a very wrong move. Because the air source heat pump needs 500-1000w of power to reach the required water temperature when it starts heating operation. 

When the water temperature reaches the predetermined temperature, the water temperature will enter the heat preservation state, during this period, almost no electricity is consumed. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not switch the machine frequently when using the air source heat pump.

Don't set the temperature too high

It is not advisable to set the temperature too high when using air source heat pumps. On the one hand, this will consume more electricity. On the other hand, from a health perspective, the excessively high water temperature can easily damage the protective layer of oil on the skin's surface, leading to dilation of capillaries and exacerbating the degree of dryness of the skin. Generally speaking, users can set the water temperature at 37℃-42℃.

Choose a suitable air source heat pump host

When purchasing air source heat pump products, many users do not choose a suitable air source heat pump host according to actual heating, hot water supply, and cooling needs. The dual supply of air source heat pump can meet the living needs of floor heating and hot water supply in winter, and the heating effect will be better. Air source heat pump triple supply can not only provide heating and hot water in winter but also cool in summer, which is more practical.

In addition to paying attention to the above items during use, we also need to clean and maintain the equipment to extend its service life. If you want to know more about the air source heat pump after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

As a heat pump manufacturer, we have accumulated rich design and production experience in this field. We have a complete quality management system and strict quality inspection department, which can control the quality of our products in an all-round way. At the same time, we will provide thoughtful one-stop service and effective solution technology according to the actual needs of customers. If you want to buy our air source heat pump or learn about related services, please contact us immediately!

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