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What is the Installation Process of the Ground Source Heat Pump?

What is the Installation Process of the Ground Source Heat Pump?

Dec 13,2021
 the installation process of the ground source heat pump

At present, ground-source heat pumps have been chosen by many users due to their advantages in energy saving, environmental protection, and one machine with multiple uses. To make better use of the operating efficiency of ground source heat pumps, we must strictly follow these installation procedures.

Design plan

The installation of ground source heat pumps is inseparable from the design of the scheme. The scheme design is generally divided into three steps: calculating the cooling load of the building, selecting a heat pump system with appropriate capacity, and designing the indoor installation plan. It is necessary to have a reasonable plan design to ensure the smooth installation of the ground source heat pump.

Outdoor construction

The outdoor construction of the ground source heat pump mainly includes the steps of drilling, vertical downpipe, horizontal pipe laying, pipe connection, backfilling, etc. The selection of the ground source heat pump pipe must be chemically stable and corrosion-resistant to avoid affecting the normal in future operation and use. In addition, the number and distance of ground-source heat pump underground well drilling also require special attention, and the specific situation needs to be analyzed according to the actual situation.

Indoor installation

The indoor installation of the ground source heat pump first considers the coordination with the indoor decoration and does not affect the beauty of the indoor decoration, but also considers the indoor use effect. The indoor installation mainly includes the installation of the host and the indoor air conditioning terminal and the heating terminal. Every link of the installation must be meticulous to ensure that no hidden dangers are left during the entire indoor installation process.

As the "CPU" of the ground source heat pump, the host computer can be said to be the core part of the equipment. When installing the host computer, the location must undergo a strict inspection, and this is also for long-term normal use in the future.

(1) Generally speaking, the designed pipeline should be as short as possible, and branches should be minimized to achieve low wind resistance and noise.

(2) Generally speaking, if you want to reduce the air supply resistance of the air duct, the ground source heat pump should be installed in the middle of the building as much as possible, and the length of the installation pipe should be shortened. If possible, install the ground source heat pump in the wind direction of the cooling environment as much as possible.

(3) At the installation position of the ground source heat pump, ensure that the frame structure can support the weight of the entire ground source heat pump main body and the air supply duct of the machine port, as well as the weight of the maintenance personnel, so as to facilitate the early installation and later maintenance.

(4) The installation environment of the ground source heat pump should ensure that the air is unobstructed and fresh, so it can be installed on the wall, on the roof, or on the outdoor floor. But don't install it in the exhaust port with odor or peculiar gas, such as toilet, kitchen, etc. If there are not enough doors or windows, you need to install a special exhaust machine, and the exhaust volume must reach 80-90 or more of the total air supply volume of the ground source heat pump.

(5) When installing, pay attention to sealing and waterproofing the pipeline indoor and outdoor to avoid rainwater leakage.

(6) When installing indoors, the air supply pipe needs to match the model of the air conditioner. According to the actual installation environment and the number of air outlets, design a suitable air supply pipe.

Although the installation of the ground source heat pump system has more steps than the traditional central air-conditioning installation, the situation is more complicated, but because the main operating system is installed indoors and underground, it avoids the influence of outdoor natural environment factors, which greatly improves the service life and reduces maintenance. If you want to know more about the ground source heat pump system after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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