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What Maintenance Methods Should Be Used when the Air Source Heat Pump is out of Service?

What Maintenance Methods Should Be Used when the Air Source Heat Pump is out of Service?

Dec 27,2021
the maintenance methods that should be taken when the air source heat pump is out of service
Many people think that the air source heat pump can be ignored if it is stopped. In fact, this idea is incorrect. Maintaining the air source heat pump is extremely important to improve the efficiency and life of the equipment. Let us talk about air from the following four aspects. What maintenance methods need to be adopted when the source heat pump is out of service.

1. Cut off the power

If the downtime is long, the power supply must be cut off first, and then when it is running, perform a comprehensive inspection of the system before starting the machine.

Note: When performing power-off operations, first pull down the switch on the electric control box, and then close the door of the electric control box to prevent rainwater from entering.

2. Drain the pipeline

Generally speaking, the water in the unit pipeline should be drained when the machine is not in use, but different units have different requirements.

(1) Open system

If the unit adopts an open system, that is, a system that adds water to the heating pipeline from a water tank in contact with air, it is best not to discharge water, because there is water in the water tank, which can prevent air from entering the pipeline and causing internal corrosion of the pipeline.

(2) Closed system

For a closed system, that is, a system that can only add water to the heating pipeline from the water supply valve, whether to release water depends on the situation.

3. Barrier protection

In order to prevent the machine from being scratched and damaged by wind, sun, sharp tools, etc., the water pump, valves and pipelines should be covered with cardboard or protective covers for protection.

4. Precautions for re-enabling

After the unit has been out of service for a long time, the system needs to be fully inspected when it is turned on again:

(1) Thoroughly inspect and clean up the unit;

(2) Clean water pipeline system;

(3) Check the water pump, regulating valve, and other equipment of the water pipe system;

(4) Check whether all wire connections are tight;

(5) If the parts on the unit are damaged and need to be replaced, you need to contact the corresponding manufacturer of the unit to purchase. The company’s original parts should be used, and any different parts should not be replaced randomly;

(6) For safety reasons, professionals should be allowed to disassemble, especially remember to cut off the power before disassembling!

The composition structure of the air source heat pump unit is relatively complicated. To keep the air source heat pump in good operating condition, it is necessary to ensure that each component maintains its good performance. If you want to get more solutions about maintaining air source heat pumps, SUOHER is happy to share some related matters with you.

SUOHER is an experienced heat pump manufacturer with a professional quality inspection system and a comprehensive management team. We put the needs of customers first, and continue to develop new technologies and manufacturing processes. Whether it is product manufacturing or export, we will carry out comprehensive quality control. If you want to buy our air source heat pumps, please contact us immediately!

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