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4 Main Factors That Will Determine Whether an Air Source Heat Pump is Right for Your Home

4 Main Factors That Will Determine Whether an Air Source Heat Pump is Right for Your Home

Jan 10,2022
 key factors to determine whether an air source heat pump is suitable for your home
Air source heat pumps are an innovative and highly efficient heating and cooling technology, but may not be suitable for all venues. So knowing your building specifications is important to determine if an air source heat pump is installed. Based on years of testing, SUOHER has compiled the following key factors to determine whether an air source heat pump is suitable for your home.

1. Temperature

Air source heat pumps can operate over a wide temperature range, but their efficiency fluctuates depending on the air temperature. Most heat pumps are still effective at sub-freezing temperatures, but at some point, they can no longer comfortably heat your home.

The exact temperature point depends on the type of air-source heat pump you have installed. New air-source heat pump technology designed for cold climates can operate in sub-0 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower temperature also means that while the air source heat pump will continue to operate, it will operate at a lower heat capacity and be significantly less efficient.

If you live in a cold climate and need to heat your home or business when temperatures are below freezing, verify that the air source heat pump you are installing is designed for cooler temperatures.

2. Cost

The cost of installing an air source heat pump in a building is variable but mainly depends on the type of equipment you want to install and the amount of equipment needed to heat or cool the building.

Air source heat pumps can save money in the long term because of their higher efficiency and lower cost of ownership. They often have higher upfront costs than traditional heating and cooling systems, so you might consider financing this system as well.

3. Type of house

Well-insulated, energy-efficient homes will save more money with air source heat pumps because they will require less electricity overall to maintain the temperature of the home. If you live in an older home, or if the insulation is in poor condition, you may need an energy estimate.

Taking steps to make your home more energy efficient in preparation for an air source heat pump will save you money in the long run. Consider adding insulation to attic walls, weather stripping, sealing air ducts, and installing a programmable thermostat to maximize benefits.

Your property is also a particularly good choice for an air source heat pump if you want to regulate the temperature of a particular room differently. Air source heat pumps can be controlled independently of each other, which allows you to customize the temperature of each room in your home.

4. Existing heating or cooling systems

The main benefit of choosing to use an air source heat pump over an air conditioner unit is that an air source heat pump can provide both heating and cooling, whereas an air conditioner can only cool. Air source heat pumps also do not require the level of ductwork required by central air conditioning systems, so are generally easier to install.

If you have an old central air conditioning system that needs to be replaced, now might be a good time to look into air source heat pump options. If you already have ductwork for air conditioning in your building, it's worth considering ductwork, as you'll most likely be able to use your existing ductwork with your new air source heat pump.

If you're currently using multiple air conditioners to cool your building, an air source heat pump might also be worth considering. Air source heat pumps allow temperature control of specific areas of a building, and they are often 1 to 2 times more efficient at cooling a room.

In terms of cost-effectiveness and performance, air-source heat pumps are more suitable for home use than air conditioners. If you want to know more information after reading the above, SUOHE is happy to share more relevant knowledge with you, please pay more attention to our news.

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