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Pool Heat Pump Troubleshooting Tips

Pool Heat Pump Troubleshooting Tips

May 20,2022
If you are a pool heat pump owner, you may enjoy swimming in early spring and late fall with family and friends. If so, you may have experienced one of these common pool heat pump problems. Let's take a look at pool heat pump troubleshooting tips to keep your pool water warm when the weather starts to cool.

1. The heat pump runs but does not heat the pool

The first thing to remember is that a pool heat pump only works effectively in temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below 50, freon (refrigerant) will start to freeze and prevent the heat pump from working properly. If your pump is in defrost mode, you will need to wait until the evaporator is free of ice.

Is your heat pump located under a low roof or close to a wall or fence? Obstructions may block enough airflow for the heat pump to work at peak performance.

Is your heat pump circulating warm water into the pool but your overall pool water temperature is not rising? We recommend increasing the pool pump cycle time. It may take more time for the heat to properly circulate through all the water.

2. The heat pump takes too long to heat the swimming pool

Air temperature, the size of the pool, and the condition of the heat pump can all affect the time it takes for the unit to heat the water. If your heat pump is in good condition, it may take 24-72 hours to heat an average-sized swimming pool to around 20 degrees.

3. The heat pump does not turn on and does not run

First, make sure the device is plugged in and the circuit breaker is not tripped. Turn the switch off and back on before trying to start the heat pump again.

Is your thermostat turned down? If your pool water is actually higher than the setting on your thermostat, you don't need to heat the water. Adjust the temperature setting above the current pool water temperature.

If your heat pump is on but not running, make sure all valves are in the correct positions to allow proper water flow. Also, make sure the filter and pump basket is free of debris. Also, keep in mind that the filter pump needs to run before the heat pump.

4. Heat pump leaks

Since heat pumps use refrigerant and hot air to heat the pool water, condensation may form on or around the equipment. One way to test for leaks is to turn off the heat pump while keeping the filtration system running. If the puddle evaporates, you should be good to go. Remember - heat pumps naturally produce up to 9 gallons of condensate per hour!

If the puddle remains or continues to grow while the pool pump is running and the heat pump is off, there may be a leak. Test the water with dipsticks or reagents, looking for signs of any disinfectant (chlorine or salt). Normal condensation will not test for any chlorine. If chlorine is present, you will need to find and repair the leaking area of​the heat pump.

5. Heat pump water flow is not smooth

One of the most important ways to keep your heat pump running strong is to ensure a steady flow of water through the unit. Once the pump loses a steady flow of water, it will have problems and take longer to complete the heating cycle. NOTE: The heat pump will only run when there is water flowing from the filtration system. Running a heat pump without water can cause irreplaceable damage.

So, how can you increase the flow of water? Make sure the work valve is open and all debris is removed from the filter and basket in the pool pump. Once your filtration equipment is unblocked, the performance of the heat pump should improve considerably.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions or you want to buy a swimming pool heat pump, please contact us.

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