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Air energy heat pump for hot water solution in breweries

Air energy heat pump for hot water solution in breweries

Aug 12,2023

With people's pursuit of a healthy and high-quality life, beer, as a popular beverage, is increasingly valued for environmental protection and energy conservation in its production process. In the beer production process, hot water is an indispensable resource used for the dissolution of maltose, yeast cultivation, and temperature control during the fermentation process. Using a heat pump to provide hot water is a feasible solution.

A heat pump is a device based on thermodynamic principles that converts a low-temperature heat source into a high-temperature heat source through the phase change process of the circulating working fluid. It has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, stability and reliability, and is therefore widely used in industrial and commercial fields.

In breweries, heat pumps can be applied in many ways. Equipment cleaning, starch gelatinization, saccharification, boiling, container cleaning, and disinfection in the beer brewing process all require a large amount of hot water. So, hot water at around 60-85 degrees Celsius can be produced using an air energy heat pump. At present, most beer brewing enterprises use gas boilers or electric cookers to supply hot water, with a usage rate of mostly 30-500 tons/day. Heating with gas boilers or electric cookers is very expensive and poses safety risks.

Therefore, using heat pumps to provide hot water in breweries is a feasible solution. Air energy heat pumps can effectively convert heat sources in the air into high-temperature hot water, meeting the demand for hot water during beer production. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also reduces environmental pollution and achieves a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle. In future development, the application of heat pumps in beer production will become more widespread.

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