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How to choose air heating?

How to choose air heating?

Aug 28,2023

With the arrival of autumn, the coolness in the north is becoming apparent. It is not far from November when central heating is available. Planning the heating method at home in advance is crucial for a warm and comfortable winter. So how much air energy is suitable for your home to buy?

The selection of air heating heat pumps mainly considers the following conditions: local temperature, building form, insulation of the house, and the heating area of the user. Air heating is usually calculated using this formula. Firstly, the heating load is determined. With good insulation, we can choose a heating load of 60 watts per square meter to calculate; In the case of poor insulation, we can choose a larger heating load of 80 watts per square meter. Secondly, it depends on the average climate in the local area and the average temperature in winter. Then, the selection is based on the capacity parameters of the air energy unit, and the heating area of the room is multiplied by the heating load to obtain our total heating load. Then, the selection is based on this total amount.

In addition, the selection also needs to consider the form of user end heating equipment. The water temperature required for the underfloor heating pipe is relatively low, and the unit selection does not need to be so large. If radiators are used, the water temperature for the water supply will be higher, and the required unit heating capacity will also be larger.

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