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Smooth shipment of variable frequency heating units

Smooth shipment of variable frequency heating units

September 13,2023

On the morning of September 12th, a container full of variable frequency heating and heat pump units was shipped from Foshan Suohe Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. to Albania.

Suohe DC variable frequency heat pump adopts internationally renowned accessories such as Mitsubishi compressor, SWEP board exchange, Weile variable frequency water pump, etc. It has passed the EU ERP energy efficiency test and reached the A+++level. It has high-quality production process, excellent operating performance, intelligent control logic, quiet operating noise, and high operating reliability, and perfectly meets the customer's various usage needs during the trial stage of the prototype, It also facilitated the first batch cooperation order between the customer and Suohe Company

Albania is another new market opened by Sohe Company in Europe. The customer is very optimistic about the prospects of variable frequency heat pumps in the local market and believes that variable frequency heat pumps have huge market potential in the European region. Sohe Company also hopes to use higher quality products and services to assist customers in creating greater market space

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