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How to clean the air source heat pump?

How to clean the air source heat pump?

Jul 7,2021
Air source heat pump cleaning:
1. Air source heat pump water heaters should always check whether the wiring of the power supply and electrical system of the unit is firm, and whether the electrical components are operating abnormally. If any, they should be repaired and replaced in time.
2. The water filter installed outside the machine should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the water quality in the system is clean to avoid damage to the host due to the dirty filter of the unit.
3. Do not pile up debris around the unit to avoid blocking the air inlet and outlet. The unit should be kept clean, dry and well ventilated.
4. The user should pay attention to the use and maintenance of the air energy heat pump unit: all safety protection devices in the unit are set before leaving the factory, and do not disassemble or adjust by yourself.
5. Frequently check whether the water supply system, water tank safety valve, liquid level controller and exhaust device are working properly, so as to avoid air entering the system and reducing the water circulation, thereby affecting the unit's heating capacity and the reliability of the unit's operation.
6. Frequently check the working conditions of the various components of the unit, check whether there is oil contamination in the pipe joints and the inflation valve in the unit, and ensure that there is no leakage of the refrigerant of the unit.
7. The surrounding area of ​​the unit should be kept clean, dry and well ventilated. Clean the air-side heat exchanger every year to maintain a good heat exchange effect.
8. Check whether the water pump and waterway valves are working properly, and whether the water pipes and water pipe joints are leaking.
9. To clean the condenser of the main unit, we recommend using a descaling agent to clean the condenser every year, start the main unit's own circulating water pump for 45 minutes, and finally clean it with tap water 3 times. Take over during cleaning. It is forbidden to clean the condenser with corrosive cleaning fluid.
10. If the shutdown time is long, the water in the pipeline of the unit should be drained, the power supply should be cut off, and the protective cover should be put on. When running again, perform a comprehensive inspection of the system before starting up.
11. When the actual outlet temperature of the air source heat pump water heater is inconsistent with the value displayed on the unit control panel, please check whether the temperature sensing device is in good contact.
12. The water tank needs to be cleaned of scale after using it for a period of time (usually 3 months, depending on the local water quality).

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