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How Can We Extend the Life of an Air Source Heat Pump?

How Can We Extend the Life of an Air Source Heat Pump?

Feb 21,2022
the factors that affect the air source and the service life of the air source heat pump and the maintenance methods
An air-source heat pump, as heat source equipment for heating, is the same as the principle of the air conditioner. It is the process of making the refrigerant realize the physical change of phase change through the work of the compressor, so as to absorb the heat in the air and generate heat, and how much heat is generated. It is directly related to the ambient temperature, so we try to use it under the condition of high ambient temperature during use. The following will specifically share the factors that affect the air source and the service life of the air source heat pump and the maintenance methods for your reference.

Factors affecting the service life of air source heat pumps
1. The running time of the unit

The running time of the unit is generally not more than 12 hours. When it exceeds this time, the probability of failure of the unit will increase, and the service life will also be affected. During the selection process, we must listen to the manufacturer's suggestions and reasonably select the unit equipment type.

2. Ambient temperature
The ambient temperature can also directly affect the service life of the unit. Under the condition of low ambient temperature, a special type of heat pump unit should be selected to ensure that the unit can start and operate normally in a low-temperature environment. When the ambient temperature is lower than -25 degrees Under the circumstances, we try not to use the heat pump unit for a long time.

Due to the low-temperature environment below -25 degrees, it is difficult for the refrigeration oil of the compressor to return to the oil. The long-term operation will easily cause the compressor to jam, which will affect the service life of the unit.
3. External factors
External factors mainly refer to human factors, which are reflected in whether the installation of the unit is installed and debugged by professional technicians. During the use process, it is necessary to avoid the operation of the unit under high water temperature and high pressure; when using in winter, pay attention to antifreeze work.

When the unit is not in use, remember not to cut off the power supply. If the power supply is cut off, we should drain the water of the unit; in the selection and installation position of the unit, we should keep away from the place where the lampblack and fallen leaves are, so as to prevent the leaves from breaking the wind blades, affecting the service life of the unit.

4. The number of start and stops of the compressor
The longest life of the unit is determined by the compressor. When the compressor is frequently started and stopped, the compressor will be impacted by overcurrent, resulting in a short life of the unit.
Maintenance method to prolong the life of air source heat pump
1. Avoid dampness and clutter around the device
If the equipment is in a humid environment for a long time, it is easy to cause the insulation performance of the air source heat pump to decline or the circuit to short-circuit to fail, which directly affects the heat exchange efficiency and service life of the air source heat pump.
Secondly, because the air source heat pump needs to absorb the heat energy in the air for energy replacement, placing sundries around the equipment will affect the normal operation of the equipment, resulting in increased energy consumption.
In order not to affect the stable operation of the air source heat pump, try to avoid clutter around the outdoor unit, keep the surrounding air circulating, do not place any sundries to block it, and keep the surrounding area of the outdoor unit dry and tidy to ensure that the heat exchange efficiency of the air source heat pump reaches the best state.

2. The outdoor unit should avoid dust
The air source heat pump outdoor unit is often installed outdoors. Daily sand and dust accumulate on the outdoor unit for a long time. If it is not cleaned in time, it will not only affect the heat exchange efficiency, but also cause potential safety hazards, and even promote the breeding of bacteria and mites, affecting the health of family members.
3. Regularly check the water heater
Ask professionals to check whether the power supply of the equipment and the wiring of the electrical system is firm, whether there is oxidation or damage, whether the electrical components operate abnormally, and if so, they should be repaired and replaced in time.
Ask professionals to regularly check whether the water supply of the water system, the safety valve of the water tank, the liquid level controller, and the exhaust device is working properly, so as to prevent the air entering the system from reducing the water circulation, thereby affecting the heating capacity of the unit and the reliability of the unit operation.
4. Regularly clean the water tank
Due to a large amount of cold and hot water circulating back and forth in the air source heat pump, and the poor quality of tap water in some areas, it is easy to breed scale, and it is easy to corrode the tank liner if it is not cleaned regularly. Therefore, the air source heat pump should be cleaned regularly to keep the air source heat pump in good working condition for a long time.
Due to the complex components of the air source heat pump, once the user finds that the equipment is running abnormally, please do not disassemble and repair the equipment by yourself or non-professional maintenance personnel. Doing so is very dangerous, which will not only cause damage to other components but also risk electric shock, you should contact professional maintenance personnel in time to repair the equipment.
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