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What Factors Need to Be Considered when Choosing an Air Source Heat Pump?

What Factors Need to Be Considered when Choosing an Air Source Heat Pump?

Feb 28,2022
the factors that affect the air source and the service life of the air source heat pump and the maintenance methods
In recent years, due to the over-exploitation and inappropriate use of energy, all kinds of extreme weather have been exposed and gradually invaded the human living environment, and people's demand for green environmental protection, energy-saving, and emission-reduction products has increased.

Air source heat pumps have been recognized as the world's most environmentally friendly, low-carbon energy solution products that save energy while avoiding direct emissions of pollutants. The followings are the factors that need to be considered when choosing an air source heat pump so that you can make a better choice.


For families, it is necessary to clarify what the purpose of purchasing an air source heat pump is, whether it is mainly used for bathing, kitchen, heating, or cooling. Select the type of heat pump and the size of the water tank according to the application.

Air source heat pumps have these functional categories: domestic hot water, heating (coal-to-electricity, central heating), and cooling.

The most common on the market is the air source water heater (domestic hot water), and some brands have launched a three-in-one heat pump for hot water, heating, and cooling for consumers to choose from. Families can choose according to their own circumstances.

Area size

In comparison, the overall area of the heat pump is relatively large, so when choosing, you should pay attention to whether the family has enough space to place it. Before purchasing, it is clear whether the target heat pump is to be installed indoors or outdoors, and what type of use is supported (apartment/villa/side-by-side house).

Tank selection

An air-source heat pump has an essential accessory, which is the water tank. The determination of the size of the water tank is often based on product functions and family members.

Generally speaking, the amount of hot water used by one person in a day is about 50L, and a family of three additional kitchen water, the minimum choice is 150-200L air source heat pump. For a family of four to five people and a large living area, it is recommended to choose a heat pump of more than 300L to meet the domestic water supply of the whole family. On the one hand, it ensures enough space to place the heat pump, and on the other hand, the large-capacity heat pump can also meet the uses other than ordinary domestic water, such as laundry.

If it is difficult to determine the capacity of the water tank, you can choose a split heat pump and connect the water tank in a modular way. When the user's water consumption increases, the equipment can be added at any time.

Energy efficiency

A large part of the reason why the air source heat pump is more and more popular among consumers is that it is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient. It does not consume petrochemical energy and does not generate carbon dioxide, which is in line with the future energy use trend. Compared with electric water heaters, it can save electricity by more than 70%, and the thermal efficiency is above 300% on average throughout the year.

If you want to choose a good and durable heat pump, you need to understand its thermal energy efficiency ratio COP, maximum water temperature, core components, production process, and other angles.

If you want to know more about the raw air pump after reading the above, please continue to pay attention to our news.

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