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Why Does the Use of Air Source Heat Pump Heating Attract More and More Attention?

Why Does the Use of Air Source Heat Pump Heating Attract More and More Attention?

Mar 14,2022
the factors that affect the air source and the service life of the air source heat pump and the maintenance methods
After more than ten years of development, the air source heat pump has gradually overcome the problem of frosting and defrosting in cold areas and can achieve stable operation in an environment of minus -35 degrees. Under the opportunity of vigorously advocating coal-to-electricity to encourage clean heating, air-source heat pumps have a huge space for development. The followings are the main reasons for the popularity of air source heat pumps for your reference.

Energy efficient

The principle of air source heat pump heating is to absorb a large amount of low-temperature heat energy in the air, convert it into high-temperature heat energy through the compressor, and transfer the heat to the water during the heating process.

The whole system only consumes a very small amount of electricity to drive the compressor and absorb the free heat in the air. In theory, at an ambient temperature with an average temperature of -5℃, every 1 kWh of electricity consumed can generate more than 3 kWh of heat. The operating loss is less, the energy conversion efficiency is high, and the energy-saving benefit is much higher than that of the traditional electric auxiliary heat.


The air source heat pump "floor heating and air conditioning" is used for two purposes. It is used as the cooling source of the air conditioner in summer and the heat source of the floor heating system in winter. Compared with traditional air conditioning and heating methods, it does not need to consume gas, is clean and pollution-free, and users do not need to purchase additional cooling and heating equipment and can complete the home heating and cooling decoration with the least cost.

Safety and environmental protection

The air source heat pump does not need gas, coal, oil, no open flame, and no discharge when heating. At the same time, water and electricity are separated, and there are no electrical components in the water tank. Therefore, the air source heat pump is not only environmentally friendly, but also will not cause fire, explosion, poisoning, and electric shock. and other safety incidents.

Automatic intelligence

The air source heat pump has a built-in microcomputer security system. As long as the user uses it for the first time, the heat pump will automatically perform the work of water replenishment, heating, power failure, heat preservation, and heating according to the outdoor temperature and the hot water condition of the water tank, without manual duty.

Easy to install

The air source heat pump is not limited by geology, pipeline, and supply. It can be installed as long as there is a corner with air circulation. It occupies a small area and the power configuration is equivalent to the power distribution of the air conditioner in summer. An important reason for the widespread application of source heat pumps.

Wide range of applications

The application of air source heat pump covers domestic and commercial hot water, heating, constant temperature greenhouse, refrigeration, drying, drying, high-temperature heat pump, industrial special heat pump, constant temperature preservation, complementary energy, and other fields, covering a market capacity of over one trillion. And based on "heating technology", it continues to extend outward, and its tentacles gradually penetrate into various fields such as home appliances, air conditioners, solar energy, and electric heating!

Mature market technology

After more than ten years of exploration, innovation and development, the air source heat pump has overcome the problems of outdoor unit frosting, defrosting, and temperature difference, and has formed a complete industrial system. Various brands are competing for release. From independent design to production, to after-sales installation, we have accumulated rich technology and experience, which can fully meet the exact needs of residents, enterprises, and institutions.

The end is more flexible

Compared with the traditional central air conditioner, the cooling and heating air source heat pump adopts the "jet enthalpy increasing" compressor. The main design conditions for heating are below 0 ℃. There are fan coils, etc. And all the design conditions of the central air conditioning heating are above 0 ℃, focusing on cooling, taking into account the heating, the end is basically a fan coil, no floor heating, radiator.

Meet the market demand for clean heating

With the continuous development of cities, heating methods are also developing in the direction of green, clean, and renewable energy. The electric energy used by the air source heat pump is green and pollution-free, and mainly uses the energy stored in the air to generate heat energy, which is clean and environmentally friendly.

The air source heat pump system does not produce any air pollutants, nor does it use non-renewable energy such as coal and natural gas. It mainly uses the thermal energy stored in the air, and the entire operation process is truly zero pollution.

Comfortable and safe

When the air energy heat pump is used for heating, the temperature gradient from the sole of the foot to the head is formed in the room, which gives people a comfortable feeling of warm feet and a cool head. It is a more comfortable heating method at present.

With the upgrading of consumption, today's consumers are no longer satisfied with the simple heating experience, they need a more comfortable, smarter, and safer integrated system, which is one of the reasons for the rapid development of heat pump products!

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