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How to Choose a Water Source Heat Pump Correctly?

How to Choose a Water Source Heat Pump Correctly?

Nov 15,2021
the method of selecting a water source heat pump
As with the design of centralized air conditioning systems, various factors need to be considered in the selection of water source heat pump units. In the design of the water source heat pump unit, we mainly focus on the following choices of unit form and unit capacity.

Selection of unit form

The main forms of indoor water source heat pump units are horizontal, vertical, floor-mounted, column-mounted, roof-mounted, etc. Different types of units have different operating conditions.

1. Horizontal unit

The main purpose is to save the building area occupied by air-conditioning equipment. The horizontal unit is hoisted in the ceiling of the inner or surrounding area, and the air supply and return ducts can be connected. But be sure to pay attention to facilitating maintenance and preventing water leakage in the water pipeline and condensate pipeline when using it.

2. Vertical unit

Vertical units are generally suitable for occasions where the installation area of the machine room is small. The machine room has an area of about 1 m2 and is often placed in the storage room. The vertical unit can be connected to the supply and return air ducts.

3. Floor-mounted and surface-mounted unit

The floor-mounted surface-mounted unit is suitable for installation in the surrounding area, usually under the window sill or in the corridor.

4. Column type unit

The column unit is suitable for installation at the corners of multi-story buildings, such as hotels, apartments, etc.

5. Rooftop unit

Rooftop units are suitable for units installed on the roof and connected to air ducts and are usually used in industrial buildings or as fresh air handling units.
The above-mentioned various forms of units, from the point of view of their structure, belong to the overall structural form.

Although the manufacturer has adopted many effective technical measures in the aspects of vibration reduction and sound insulation of the compressor to reduce the noise of the overall structure unit significantly, for occasions with strict noise requirements, it is recommended to choose a split water/air heat pump unit. The split structure is adopted, and the compressor and the blower are placed in two boxes respectively so that the noise is greatly reduced.

Selection of unit capacity

According to the total cooling load of the air-conditioned room and the actual situation, check the characteristic curve or performance table on the sample of the water source heat pump unit (the cooling capacity at different inlet air wet bulb temperatures and different inlet water temperatures), so that the cooling capacity and outlet air temperature can reach The requirements of engineering design determine the model of the unit.

The steps for selecting the unit capacity are described below.

1. Determine the operating parameters of the water source heat pump unit. That is, the inlet air dry and wet bulb temperature of the unit, the loop water temperature is generally between 13~32℃, the winter inlet water temperature is generally controlled between 13~20℃; the summer water supply temperature can generally be calculated according to the local summer air conditioning outdoor wet-bulb temperature Add 3~4℃ to consider.

2. Determine the air handling process of the unit.

3. Choose the appropriate form and variety of water source heat pump units. After the unit is selected, the air volume range of the unit is estimated based on the principle that the air supply of the unit is sufficient to eliminate the full heat load in the room.

4. According to the actual operating conditions of the water source heat pump unit and the characteristic curve of the water source heat pump unit provided by the factory determine the performance parameters of the water source heat pump unit such as cooling capacity, heating capacity, heat rejection, heat absorption, and input power.

Comparing the revised total cooling capacity and sensible cooling capacity with the calculated total cooling capacity and sensible cooling capacity, the difference is less than about 10%, and the selected heat pump unit is deemed appropriate.

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