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Precautions for Installing and Maintaining Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Precautions for Installing and Maintaining Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Nov 22,2021
precautions for installing and maintaining swimming pool heat pumps
The constant temperature swimming pool heat pump that conforms to the development trend has become a new consumption hotspot in the swimming pool industry because of its energy-saving and environmental protection advantages.

However, after purchasing a swimming pool heat pump professionally, many customers do not know how to install and use it. So, the detailed installation and daily maintenance methods of the swimming pool heat pump brought by SUOHER below, we hope it can be helpful to everyone.

The installation of the swimming pool heat pump mainly includes two parts, installation of swimming pool heat pump unit and installation of the swimming pool water system.

Precautions for installation of swimming pool heat pump unit

1. When the unit is side-inlet, the distance between the air inlet surface and the wall is not less than 1 meter, and when the gold covers of the two units are arranged relative to each other, the distance is not less than 1.5 meters;

2. Measures should be set at the unit set to remove the larger amount of condensate produced by the unit;

3. Only the height of the partition wall on one side of the unit is allowed to be higher than the height of the unit;

4. The base height of the unit should not be less than 300mm and greater than the thickness of the local snow.

Recommendations for installation of swimming pool water systems

1. Install the air energy heat pump swimming pool unit downstream of all filtering devices and swimming pool pumps, and upstream of all chlorine generators, ozone generators, and chemical disinfection.

2. Under normal circumstances, the air source heat pump swimming pool unit should be installed within 7.5 meters from the swimming pool, and if the swimming pool water pipe is too long, it is recommended to pack a 10mm thick insulation pipe to avoid insufficient heating due to excessive heat loss of the unit;

3. The design of the waterway system needs to install a union on the inlet and outlet water of the heat pump to facilitate drainage in winter;

4. Shorten the water pipeline as much as possible, avoid or reduce unnecessary pipeline changes to reduce resistance loss. Install an exhaust pipe at the highest position of the main water pipeline to facilitate timely emptying when there is gas in the waterway; install at the lowest point of the system Set up a water drain valve to facilitate water drain when the system is cleaned;

5. The water system must be equipped with a pump with the appropriate flow and head to ensure that the water flow meets the needs of the unit.

6. During the operation of the heat pump, the air temperature will be reduced by about 5 degrees, and condensed water will be generated on the evaporator fins and fall on the chassis, and it will be discharged through the plastic drain nozzle installed on the chassis. This is a normal phenomenon (condensed water is easy to It was mistaken as a leak in the heat pump water system), a drainage pipe must be installed during installation to drain the condensate away in time;

7. Never connect water pipes or other water pipes to the circulating pipes to avoid damage to the circulating pipes and the heat pump unit;

8. The water tank of the hot water heating system needs to have good heat preservation performance. Please do not install the water tank in a place polluted with corrosive gas.

Daily maintenance of swimming pool heat pump

After installing the air-energy swimming pool heat pump, if you want to make the swimming pool heat pump durable, it is inseparable from the user's usual maintenance. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the swimming pool heat pump and must not be ignored.

1. All the safety protection devices in the swimming pool heat pump have been set before leaving the factory, please do not adjust by yourself;

2. Frequently check the working conditions of the various components of the swimming pool heat pump, check whether there are oil stains at the pipe joints and inflation valves in the swimming pool heat pump to ensure that there is no leakage of refrigerant;

3. Frequently check the circulating water pump, whether the water valve is working properly, and whether the water pipes and water pipe joints are leaking;

4. If the swimming pool heat pump stops for a long time, the water in the unit pipeline should be drained, the power supply should be cut off, and the protective cover should be put on. When it is running again, the system should be fully inspected before starting;

5. Frequently check whether the power supply of the swimming pool heat pump and the wiring of the electrical system are firm, whether the electrical components are abnormal, and if any, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

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